Max Exterior consists of natural fibres – about 65 % of the weight – and synthetic resins. The panels do not contain organic halogen (chlorine, fluorine, bromine etc.) compounds, such as they occur in propellant gases or PVC. They contain neither asbestos nor wood preservatives (fungicide, pesticide etc.) and are free of heavy metals. The precisely managed production processes have no negative effect of any kind on the environment. The chips generated when processing (cutting and milling) are not hazardous to health. As a result of the above, even with the thermal disposal of waste – assuming modern heating plant – no environmental poisons such as hydrochloric acid, organic chlorine compounds or dioxins can arise.

Max Exterior decomposits – at appropriately high combustion chamber temperatures and dwell times of the combustion gases in the combustion chamber, as well as an adequate supply of oxygen – into carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water and ashes. The energy which results from this can be utilised. Disposal on controlled commercial landfills is unproblematic. Always observe the country-specific laws and regulations which apply to disposal.


Phenolic panels, otherwise known as high pressure laminate (HPL) panels, are manufactured for durability. The very process that makes these exterior and interior panels sturdy and reliable, also contributes to color fastness and a good fire classification.

For example, when a durable panel does not fade, it keeps its desired color and look for years. A good fire classification adds safety to the panel.

The non-porosity of the material is what makes the panel extraordinarily easy to clean. The high pressure process also offers protection from other external elements.

Ultimately, Fundermax laminate cladding and wall panels can be placed anywhere, even in the harshest weather conditions. Moreover, the physical durability is paired with long-lasting aesthetics which gives phenolic panels added value to your project.

A material with all the qualities mentioned above will help to achieve a successful project, as they contribute to a more durable and appealing end-result. While all of these attributes are important, there are also other features of the material that help obtain better performance of the material.

A proper selection of color, form, and texture is critical to creating a successful aesthetic appearance.

A wide color range and a good variety of finishes of the material can certainly contribute to making a decision for a specific project. Thanks to its features, HPL panels offer complete control over the buildings aesthetics.


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