We make your imagination go wild. Be it curve or any shape can be created for the roof.

It may be a simple Polycarbonate roofing or a Polycarbonate Pyramid Polycarbonate dome, Polycarbonate canopies or any other possible shape of your choice.

When it comes to polycarbonate, we give you a wide range of variety in colour and thickness as per your requirement.

Application could be anything right from skylight to parking area, polycarbonate fits well everywhere with its capabilities to block harmful UV rays and ability to transmit good amount of light.


 Sun Modul

The complete Solutions for Glazing Roofs & Walls
SUN MODUL system is the result of a long experience in the field of translucent glazing of roofs and walls, as well as domed skylkights.

The SUN MODUL system combines high wind and snow loading capability, water tightness and stability, with light assembly and the external appearance of a continuous surface. These properties make the system particularly well suited to glazing roofs and wall sin industrial and commercial buildings and any other high specification applications.

The galvanized and plastic coated steel channels are designed to provide very high rigidity. Consequently, the system can be used for wide, unsuspected spans. The system is completed by a full range of aluminium profiles for frames, seals, openable windows and other accessories for every kind of application.

The usefull multi-wall poly carbonate panels are hooked onto steel channels and firmly locked with special polycarbonate clip profiles, conferring excellent characteristics to the system for the creation of translucent surfaces of any kind in modern building.

Extruded from high-grade polycarbonate, the glazing panels provide good light transmission and thermal insulation and are practically unbreakable. with an advanced UV resistant surface coating, weather resistance and long life spam are guaranteed. The PC clip profiles are produced with the same technical characteristics as the panels.

Available ub Thickness from 10 mm to 40 mm


Solid Sheets


The high impact resistant Solid Polycarbonate sheets can withstand the extremities weather, through scorching summers, torrential rains and freezing winters. This sheets combines a unique combination of features, allowing a wide range of applications the moden world.

Polycarbonates are on of the most advanced polymers, in the field of Plastic today. They offer unequelled mix of desirable properties like High Impact strength, Transparency, Light weight, Durability, Thermal resistance & fire resistance

Available in thickness from 1.5 mm to 12 mm


Multiwall Sheets

Multiwall Polycarbonate glazing system provides outstanding flexibility in design and advanced heat reflecting and lignt transmitting performance. AN advanced construction of internal walls and chambers gives excellent insulation properties and impact strength 250 times that of glass. Both sides of sheet have a co-extruded UV barrier which provides 99.9% protection from harmfull UV radiation, giving superior resistance to outdoor weathering.

Applications include skylights, pergola, patios, carpots, gazeboz, pool covers, green houes, north light glazing, atriums in shopping malls, stadiums, office partitions, windws shutters, etc.

Available in thickness from 4 mm to 16 mm.


 Corrugated Daylight Panels

Our corrugagted UV Co-extruded profiles polycarbonate sheets have been engineered to suit industrial roof lighting and daylight cladding applications for a wide array of specific needs. These include industries, warehouses, commercial structures and also residences.

This currugated UV sheets are available in clear transparent, embossed and textured options. Typical applications for Currugated UV sheets include roofing and cladding daylight panels in industrial sheds, warehouses and public buildings, central atria in shopping malls, swimming pool roofs, green houses, verandas, pergolas, patio covers, awnings, carports, gazebos, etc.

Available in various profiles from 0.8mm to 4 mm thickness



Tufloy UPVC/Geloy roofing sheets are specially manufactured triple layer skin sheets, each layer enhancing the property of the roofing & cladding sheets. This is manufactured using prime UPVC as bottom layer, Modified PVC as middle layer and Co-extruded top layer with grey ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) which has excellent outdoor weather ability and is the best known polymer.

Available in thickness from 0.8 mm to 3 mm


Synthetic Roof Tiles

Our Synthetic Roof Tiles are special 3 layer coextruded roofing tiles, coated with Geloy ASA resin and developed with advanced technologies, for the roofing markets, the world over. The top layer is made of geloy ASA resin, and has extraordinary weathering properties for outdoor use. direct exposure to extreme climatic conditions - UV rays from the sun, rain, extreme heat/cold does not cause deterioration of its strength, physical or mechanical properties and is thus considered, as amongst the best polymer substrate, in terms of outdoor use.

This Synthetic Roof tiles offer a wide range of advantages over traditional roof cladding. The physical properties of the Synthetic Roof tiles permit installations of the tiles, in both residential and industrial applications.

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